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Michael Newman started potting in 2001. He first learned to throw at the Brookline Art Center and then continued his studies at Mudflat Studio in 2003-2005.

Dscf1521At the Brookline Art Center Michael started studying pottery with Diane Sullivan. In this class he met Kurt Kuss and they have become fast friends and potting buddies. In 2002 at BAC he continued his studies under Chris Parris (www.parrisworks.com).

The folds in his pots are the influence of these studies with Chris Parris. DSCF1116

DSCF0737 At Mudflat Studio Wayne Fuerst helped refine his work and Cary Joseph taught him to work in larger forms. DSCF0801

Michael then studied making teapots with Monica Ripley. DSCF1031

new1Michael is presently studying at Mudflat with Lynn Gervens.

To show how a pot gets made Michael created a series of photographs that show the steps of Making a Bowl.


Mudflat Studio, Somerville, MA
Massachusetts Institute of Technology , Cambridge, Massachusetts
        B.S., M.S. Engineering 1976

Michael's other business is as a software consultant: Dragonnorth Group.

Studio Experience

Mudflat, Somerville, Massachusetts 2003
Brookline Arts Center, Brookline, Massachusetts, 2000

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